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DeadUncleSam Recruitment

The Blood Bunnies of Doom is always looking for new players with a sense of humor and a good attitude to join us and enjoy the content.
Recruitement is currently closed.

Raid Times:
Fridays:  EST
Saturdays :  EST

>>  Please click HERE to fill in a application to join the Guild.  <<
Welcome to the Blood Bunnies of Doom HORDE Guild : US-BLOODHOOF Server

The Blood Bunnies of Doom was founded at the end of Vanilla WoW to enjoy the new content of the Burning Crusade Expansion. Formed originally from some good raiding friends and family members, the Bunnies group has changed in size from a small group to a large raiding group back to a small group with the core group members having been here for more than 6 years. The founding members have been playing since release.

With members from several countries, it is not unusual to have players in a raid from 4 different continents. Our diversity, although makes raid timing challenging, makes game time more rewarding as the multicultural diversity provides for a rich experience.
Guild Leader

Along with cultural diversity, we have an age diversity as well. Some of our members are children of members so member ages may vary from 9 yrs. on up. With this in mind all members from children to adults are expected to behave themselves in such a way as to respect others, be helpful and self sufficient, and contribute to the benefit of the group as a whole.

The Blood Bunnies are a group of hardcore casuals. (We have both casuals and hardcore players) We love to play the game, enjoy the challenges and most of all enjoy playing together. Whether it is leveling an alt, Raiding 10 man dungeons, or boosting achievements, the Bunnies are all about having a good time while we accomplish our objectives.

We are always looking for new friends that share our values and are looking to have fun in game.

                                                        GuildOx rankings

BBoD Takes Down the Atramedes
  We didn't seem to have enough gongs, cause we kept doing everything wrong, we stood in the fire and went down to the wire, but we always ended up dead. Today we came back to Anne Frank, determined I was to tank, we worked out a strat and executed it stat, giving his arse a good spank!
Kill Movie

BBoD Takes Down the Acendant Council
The Bunnies were off to Cho'gal, when we ran into these dudes in the hall, they called this guy planet but we said "Dammit Janet!" and painted his blood on the wall.
Kill Movie

BBoD Takes Down Conclave of Wind
Off to the throne in the sky, to see some Genies die, we flew to and fro on the winds we did blow and poked all of them in the eye.
Kill Movie

BBoD Takes Down Maloriak
The Bunnies came to fight this imp who was said to be such a wimp, on his green colored vile we left his adds in a pile and beat him like a crack ho's pimp.
Kill Movie

BBoD Takes Down Valiona & Theralion
The Bunnies had a blast with these dragons, who's tongues were certainly waggin', the drakes they did blackout while we did the knockout and we took all their deep breaths away...
Kill Movie

BBoD Takes Down Halfus Wyrmbreaker
The Bunnies met up with Mr. Wyrmbreaker and his wagon of tail waggin' dragons   and proceeded to pull the wings off his flying band of belching broodlings and then beat him into the ground like a tent stake.
Kill Movie

BBoD Takes Down Omnotron Defense System
After some really offensive time spent with this foursome of frustration, the Bunnies were able to get the right combination to unlock their Epic loot.  A great effort by all involved to down these stoney stiffs! 
Kill Movie

BBoD Takes Down Magmaw
The Bunnies beat down Mr. Nightcrawler, then put him on a hook and went fishing for some deviates.  After some learning and struggle, the Bunnie Team was inspired with some great ideas and put them to the test.  Victory was the catch of the day.  A well deserved Grats to the all the Bunnies that helped!
Kill Movie

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